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I first heard news of the Crowborough crash via Facebook. A friend had shared the video with the title 'Horror video captures final minutes of two friends who speed to their death'. This was in among a news feed of what people were having for dinner and dogs who look like their owners.

Initially, I was appalled. I could not understand how sharing the video footage, retrieved from the accident site, could possibly be of any benefit to anyone. How could something so personal, so distressing, be Facebook feed fodder?

Who can we trust? The Former Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball, was sentenced to 32 months in prison over sex offences. It is said he ‘abused’ his power to exploit young aspiring priests for his own "selfish sexual motive". Between 1977 and 1992 he abused 18 boys. Now aged 83, Ball will serve just half of his sentence in custody, meaning jail time of just one month for each of his victims.

IS MUSIC the greatest gift you can give your children? Gareth Malone OBE, the celebrated choir master and broadcaster, recently cited Bach as the music that every child should listen to, not the Frozen soundtrack.

My classical-music loving mum would have loved me to listen to Bach, but I was more of a Boney-M kid. One of my earliest memories is the day my grandad gave me his old portable tape-deck. It was covered in plaster from his work as an Artexer, and it only came with one tape, ABBA.

Do you know who I am? We finally know who Ronnie Pickering is this week, after the ex ‘bare-knuckle fighter’ from Hull was caught on camera being rather hostile to the motorcyclist in front who was waiting to turn right. Pickering decided the motorcyclist was taking too long to make his manoeuvre.

From the video, the delay looked due to the fact there were cars coming in the other direction, but ‘One-punch-Ronnie’ was in a hurry and started beeping his Citron Picasso horn in an aggressive fashion, before following the biker and demanding he stop his bike so Ronnie could call him a string of obscenities before asking ‘Do you know who I am?’ four or five times, then offering him a fist fight.

SO THE press made a royal song and dance over Jeremy Corbyn not singing the national anthem. I can sympathise with him. When I go to church, people turn and sniff at me as if I’ve trodden in dog poo for not knowing the 4th verse of ‘Jerusalem’, or any verses for that matter.

They punish me with their pious frowns and icy glares. I turn my book upside down and imagine them at the gates to heaven. “Hello God. I’ve been a judgmental, embittered misery for years, but I know all the words to ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ can I come in please?” Corbyn didn’t sing like no one was watching, he did not sing and everyone was watching, and then he went on to ask some excellent questions in PMQ’s.