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SO THE press made a royal song and dance over Jeremy Corbyn not singing the national anthem. I can sympathise with him. When I go to church, people turn and sniff at me as if I’ve trodden in dog poo for not knowing the 4th verse of ‘Jerusalem’, or any verses for that matter.

They punish me with their pious frowns and icy glares. I turn my book upside down and imagine them at the gates to heaven. “Hello God. I’ve been a judgmental, embittered misery for years, but I know all the words to ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ can I come in please?” Corbyn didn’t sing like no one was watching, he did not sing and everyone was watching, and then he went on to ask some excellent questions in PMQ’s.

ON SATURDAY at 1.18pm I was walking past the Saltdean Lido as the Hawker Hunter flew over. My husband recognised the plane from his RAF days and remarked on its heritage. We stopped to watch it swoop and invert before it headed west towards Shoreham.

I thought his obsession with the crash that happened minutes later was because he had known the plane. As the day progressed, my husband kept frantically checking for updates, his mood becoming ever more sombre. I was running round after the kids on the beach, distracted. I didn’t know the aircraft had crashed on the A27. I didn’t know anyone was hurt.

UNSURPRISINGLY, a recent study has found that children feel 'ignored' and that 'they are not being given enough attention' by gadget-obsessed parents.

Interesting, mobile phones did not come out till I was 20, yet as a child I too felt ignored by my mum and that I was not being given enough attention.

I still do feel this way about my mother in fact. Let’s not blame technology as the only reason we grow up feeling slightly hard done by. My mum did not have a mobile phone but she had a horse called Mary-Pops who seemed to be everything I was not, and all that she was looking for. Mary was not at all technical. She was not even very good at jumping.

A FRIEND of mine is off travelling. This saddens me, and I doubt we will be able to be friends when he gets back. He will start all of his sentences with 'When you’ve been travelling' and 'What I learned when I was travelling'.

Why do people who take a year off to muck about doing naff-all think they are more enlightened than those of us who stay put and get a proper job?

There is nothing more boring than hearing about people’s travelling adventures, unless they are telling them whilst simultaneously presenting a slide-show of photos.

SO I was in a tattoo parlour in Kemp Town waiting to get some work done.
There were two other girls in there with me. One was a voluptuous blonde sitting in her bra, chatting away excitedly.

Next to her was a slim, quiet brunette, clutching her shirt to her shoulders. She had booked in for a back tattoo and the artist was telling her she would have to remove the shirt first. She looked nervous, and as she shed her top, I saw why. She was covered in scars from self-harm. “Don’t worry” she said “It was just a bout of depression”.