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SO THE National Football League (NFL) has appointed their first female intern coach, Jen Welter. She will be one of at least 320 coaches in the league, but because she is a woman, it has made headlines. The last woman who attempted to forge a career within professional men’s football was Helena Costa.

She was appointed manager of Clermont Foot 63, a French club. The shock announcement attracted worldwide headlines. She quit the night before her first day. It turned out there was no real role for her within the club. She had been employed to attract media interest. and give the idea that Clermont was a “forward thinking” team.

SO I went to see Amy – the documentary film about Amy Winehouse – at the Duke of York cinema. It wasn’t fun, like when I went to see Terminator Genisys, though the plot was no less destructive, no less gory.

In fact it was so hard to stomach, my poor date had to go and buy a large brandy to settle his nerves. Isn’t it ironic, (don’t you think?). The public perception seems to be that Amy went downhill once she was introduced to heroin and crack cocaine. We all remember that photo of her in those bloodstained ballet pumps, but it was not the drugs that killed her. It was the drink.

SO David Cameron’s Childcare Bill offers to double free childcare for three and four-year-olds. Apparently this is a great incentive for parents to go back to work, but is it what’s best for our children? The Bishop of Durham warns that this incentive is too focussed on childcare and not on the child itself. I am a stay-at-home-mum to three daughters, aged three, five and seven. I went back to the office six-months after having my first child, and was about as popular as a fart in a lift as I ‘only’ did four-days a week.

SO I’m in the Isle of Wight with the kids for a week. The last time I came here I was four-years old. I don’t remember it but apparently I was driven down in the back of my dad’s Talbot Sunbeam with no seatbelt, a broken sunroof and Kevin Wilson blaring out the speakers. My mum’s cigarette smoke wafted out in bursts as she laughed along to the classic “Santa Claus you...where’s” We spent a week on the beach, scaling Alum Bay Cliffs to reach the various layers of different coloured sand, naked save for our jelly shoes.

So we Air B&B’d our house and went to Chessington Theme Park for the youngest’s 5th birthday. Cleaning your house for total strangers to stay in is depressing. By the time I’d scrubbed the house from top-to-bottom, been to the dump twice and cleaned the oven out I became resentful. I wanted to stay in my nice clean house by the sea, not in a gaudy safari-themed hotel, but such is life. I was pleasantly surprised when we got to our room. It had a welcome quiz, which ended in a combination code that opened a safe of goodies.