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So I am finally home from Centreparks.

I thought I was so clever, going miles away to a cheaper resort. Of course I never took the cost of fuel into account, or the weather warnings.

It took nine hours to get to Cumbria. My Sat-Nav kept suggesting routes that avoided traffic but ended in a no entry signs due to the horrendous floods. The Harry Potter audible story had ended. The children were killing "We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

I’d admitted eye-spy was a rubbish game three hours back, after feeble protests from me that it was "education and fun".

It has been been an unusual week. My aunt, and my grandmother passed away within twelve hours of one another. My already small family has taken a great hit. I had never seen someone battle with cancer before my aunt was diagnosed earlier this year. She was stoic, but not being able to eat takes it toll. She lost the weight that she'd wanted to shed for years, and then some. I remember her making the best roast dinners as a kid. Piles of vegetables so high, I could not see my brother's faces across the table, which at the time suited me fine.

I first came to Brighton when I was 13. I remember my mum and dad giving me and brother some cash to go and get our first (and last) Wimpy. I don't know if it was the faded seaside glamour, or the apparent lack of hair-brushes, but I fell in love at first-sight, and decided that one day, I too would wander about with an art folder and a falafel (I did know they were called that at the time).

he word feminist has become difficult to use after persistent confusion about its meaning.
Over the last few years 'feminism' has become synonymous with words such as 'angry' 'radical' and 'lesbian' instead of its actual meaning, 'equal', 'rights', and 'opportunities'.

Rather than the magical killing curse, 'Avada Kedavra', Harry Potter Actress Emily Watson was advised not to say the word 'feminism' in her UN speech, as it was too dangerous. (She said it anyway). The confusion over what feminism actually means was demonstrated in the lead up to this years International Men's Day (IMD). International Women's Day has been celebrated since 1911, but thousands of women took to social media to scorn the 'radical' news that men be allowed the equivalent.

My daughter has not had any days off sick, is never late and is yet to be on 'red' for bad behaviour at school, so I was looking forward to Parent's evening this week. I'd nipped into town in the morning and bought some Fuzzy Felt (for her) and a Domino Rally (for me) to hand out as 'well done' gifts, mine being well done for making her. I wasn’t prepared to be told my daughter is significantly behind what rest of the class is achieving, and that I was responsible because I was not reading, writing and doing maths with her every night.