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I know a lot of people who do not follow the news. I know an awful number of people who do not vote. These two things go hand-in-hand. I do not judge these people too harshly (women died for the vote btw), because it’s hard to understand all the wars and incompetence happening. If you don’t watch the news, do your research or ask questions, how can the war in the Middle East make any sense? Even having read all I can about it, it’s all gobble-de-goop to me.

The thing is, feeling uncomfortable due to a lack of knowledge is not a good enough excuse. Turning off the news because it’s boring and then getting cross because you have to wait two weeks for a doctor’s appointment is pretty hypocritical. Children should watch the news at school. They should be taught what is going on in the world and what part our country is playing. If you’ve never watched the news or read the paper, understanding what is currently going on in government is going to be tricky. I’m going to break some of it down for you below.

You teach your kids not to follow other idiots? Well Teresa May just bombed Syria because Trump told her too. If he jumped off a cliff would she (please) follow him? I still don’t understand why we can afford to launch missiles costing £6.32million, but we can’t afford to put money into our NHS.

May’s missiles cost £790,000 each. In 2015 it was reported that it costs £23,420 to resettle a Syrian refugee for a year – £6.32m could therefore have settled 269 refugees, instead we bombed a country bombing itself to teach them not to bomb themselves, leaving it, and our own angry and hurting.

Teresa May and her husband have not been left hurting. They made money out of it. Phillip May works for a Capital Group, which has the largest sharehold in BAE. BAE built the eight ‘storm shadow’ missiles that were fired at an alleged chemical weapons manufacturer. Capital Group’s share price has soared since the air-strikes. Looks like the Milky bars are on Philip May. Teresa certainly seems to prefer white chocolate.

Look at how the Windrush generation are all being sent to a ‘home’ they’ve never step foot in (ironically leaving space for Syrian refugees, since we just bombed the bananas out of them).
Did anyone read the leaflet the government put together for them on ‘how to blend in’? It includes ‘Try to be ‘Jamaican’ – use local accents and dialects. Overseas accents can attract unwanted attention.

Seriously? You expect these people so suddenly start ordering a ‘Beer can roll, mon’ (bacon roll, man). It might as well have said’ Buy a dreadlock wig and sing Bob Marley, you’ll be made to feel at home in no time’ which isn’t not true. I’ve been researching how to speak like a Jamaican and it’s very hard.

As an official language, Patois is neither slang nor is it broken English. Users of the language speak very quickly and sometimes cut their words in half. Which half though? To form a plural you need to add dem, such as pen dem for pens or by adding nuff at the start of a word, sometimes with a number. What?

Having been born in Britain, we love to use manners. The Windrush generation will probably politely say ‘, sorry, excuse me’ when being shuffled through the airport.

That’s immediately wrong! To fit in, they’ll need to say, ‘small up yuhself’. If they want to go and get a coffee, they’ll need to explain ‘Mi soon come’ so people know they’ll be back.’ See you later’ is pronounced ‘Likkle more, Walk good’. If they don’t step up their game ‘ Turn up de ting’ they’ll soon be exposed foe the British citizens they are. Good luck, Bredens and Sistrens. (brothers and sisters) #notinmyname.

The Windrush generation, arrived on the Ship MV Empire Windrush after the second world war, when we were inviting workers from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other islands, as a response to post-war labour shortages in the UK.

Now, thanks to a blunder in paperwork (they burnt it), or May’s barely disguised racist views, they are being sent home to a country many of them were not born in. They’ve lived and worked with us, contributed to our society and now we’re kicking them out because in 2010 the home office destroyed their landing cards so now they have no proof they are in the UK legally.
It makes me cross that this is happening, but all I see on facebook are posts proclaiming how great it is the sun has finally come out. The sun will have his Rastafarian hat on in Trinidad and Tabago but I don’t think the Windrush people will suddenly decide life is one long dreadlock holiday.