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1997 - Somewhere on the outskirts of London, (think middle class home counties dull as dishwater suburbia). School oddities, April, Jamie and Tom, are trying to work out how to be 15.

April is battling anxiety, is obsessed with Sylvia Plath and has a crush on Tom.

Tom's dad died 18 months ago. His mum has turned into a ghost and his little sister has become his big responsibility. His life is held together by secrets, and Britpop, and oh yeah - Tom is in love with April.

Jamie is angry, and she wants everyone to know it. There's more to her story, but Jamie won't tell.

Yuki, Tom's weird neighbour thinks he has his life sorted, and imparts his pearls of wisdom by channelling Jim Morrison, leather trousers and all.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed, anxious, or out of your depth. If the four rights chords can make you cry, this is the book for you.