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I am not very good at being a girl. I think it’s because I grew up with boys and a mum who is not very good at being a girl either. I’ve never minded this. She is amazing with horses, and gardens. She can do the Telegraph cryptic crossword and has read James Joyce’s Ulysses. I grew up lugging bales of hay and buckets of water at the stables. I grew up between the hard elbows of my big brothers. My early childhood influenced me. I don’t wear nail varnish. I hate brushing my hair. I care more about my house being clean than looking clean on the school run. I didn’t play with dolls as a kid. I made dens with my brothers and went fishing. Because of these things, when it came to wanting children, I hoped for boys. I got three girls.

Just as I followed my mum in her wellie-steps, so my daughters have followed me in mine.

Meet my team:

Hi, I'm Gracie!
I’m almost nine. 
I love books, drawing, mud, cycling and swimming. 
I don’t like dresses or having my hair brushed. 
I get shy in new situations, but I am loud with my friends. 
I want to start learning Karate. 
I’d love to meet George from the Famous Five and go to her Treasure Island. I'd ask if Harry Potter could come along too, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz


Hello, I'm Daisy
I’m 6 and I love looking after my babies, and animals.
I feed the dogs, and the cat, and the birds.
I like making mummy her breakfast. 
I’m really good at looking after my friends too. 
I love riding my bike super-fast. 
'Why' is my favourite word. 
I don't like going to sleep. When I grow up I'm never going to bed,
I know the order of the planets and I’d love to have Tim Peake round for tea and mums’ homemade chips.



I'm Bliss.
I’m 4 but I’m as big as Daisy already. 
Mum and dad call me radio Bliss FM because I talk and sing from the second I wake up till the second I go to sleep.
I love dancing, colouring in, dressing up, and sweets. I love sweets the best.
Mum says I am a bit mischievous. I don't know what it means.
I’d like to have my best friends over for a disco and wear glitter in my hair.
The cat is a bit scared of me.


I was surprised when all three girls showed an interest in LOTTIE dolls, after seeing an advert come up on my facebook. LOTTIE describe themselves as ‘Award-winning, childlike dolls, that empower young minds and nurture individuality through play’

Facts about LOTTIE and FINN
They are based on real 9 year old children with bodies to match
No make-up, high heels or jewellery
Tactile hair and fabric
Stands on her own two feet
Relatable #justlikeme

Prior to Lottie, the girls had played with vintage Sindy dolls. 
I also bought a load of Bratz dolls off the internet, removed their make-up with nail-varnish remover and re-painted their faces with my girls to show them ‘natural beauty’.
The idea of having a new doll, that could move (and whose legs did not always fall off) attracted my girls.
I liked how small they were and how well made they looked and I loved the fact that each one had been carefully considered and came with accessories to enhance play. 
SO I sent LOTTIE a challenge. I told them about my three daughters and asked them to send us dolls that they think matched our personalities.
They replied immediately to say they would love to work with us. The dolls arrived the next day. 
Gracie got sent Kawaii Karate Lottie
She loves how they match when she wears her Karate kit and takes her along to be her mascot. 
She props her up on her keyboard when she does her maths homework and tells her the answers.
Daisy got sent Stargazer Lottie. 
She loved that Stargazer came with a telescope just like hers and a tiny set of cards about space.
She falls asleep with her in her hand at night and the space cards all over her pillow.
(NB: IN the photo below she is in Superhero costume I bought additionally).

Bliss got sent Rockabilly Lottie
She loves her outfit and glasses. 
She turns her light off and her and Rockabilly dance in the fairy lights to The Stone Roses.
Well done Lottie on creating fantastically real girls for my girls to love and take care of. They treat them like little alter egos who give them courage and secret powers. You do everything you say on the tin, and so much more.


Ericka, Gracie, Daisy and Bliss