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So Dove have a new ‘Real Beauty’ campaign out.
They are asking women to sketch themselves, as they see themselves, and then an artist also sketches them, adding in the beauty they have missed.

OK Dove artist, here is one for you. I’m not the best drawer in town admittedly, but I just did that scary iPhone thing where you turn the camera round to see you own face, and I am pretty sure this is exactly what was staring back at me.

I never thought I would say this, but we just got back from a RELAXING holiday with the children.

Okay, so it was only for two days, and in sub-zero temperatures. But still. I don’t remember shouting once. Well, once the five-hour car trip was over. Five hours with three children who did not all want to watch the same film on the portable DVD player. The portable DVD player which switched itself off every-time we turned right or went over a bump.

Before I had children, whenever I met a ‘naughty’ child, I automatically blamed the parents. If I’m honest, I still thought this way after I had Thing-one, who has always been no problem. She tries it on a bit now and again, but has never really challenged me (yet I await her teenage years with anxious, bated-breath).

But then I had Thing-two.

Sara slipped through our fingers and out of this world with no warning. No word of what was happening to her. One minute we were talking (about the pink of her nail polish. Glamorous till the end!) and the next she was on the floor.

 From there it’s a blur of phone calls and ambulances and tears and false promises that she was going to be fine.

So picking up the same un-played with toys day after day has started to send me a bit loopy. After treading on a fairy godmother’s pointy plastic hat for the fifth time in as many minutes, I decided to take action.

I decided to conduct experiments on my children (I even wore a lab coat). Each day I got a different set of toys out, then sat back with my clipboard (pen attached with string) and watched what happened.