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One of the hardest things about RA is trying to explain it to someone else. When you do not have pain and inflammation in your joints, you cannot understand how each step is like walking through quicksand, and your hands feel like a bunch of bananas. Useless.


My joints are sensitive to changes in the weather. Like a pine cone, I close up. Like a cow, I (want to) lie down when the rain sets in.

I got sent this video which helps explain what I mean. Please watch it, and share this blog. The video is only one and a half minutes long, but it sums up my life on the bad days. 

The part about coming down the stairs is very true for me, but these boots were made for walking, and that is just what they enable me to do.

Winter is coming, and I will be the person in this video, with three girls to get ready for school and out the door on time. Everything takes longer and more out of me.

I'd be lying if I said I was not worried, but one of the amazing things about having an chronic disease is how it strips you of foolish pride. I am no longer ashamed to ask for help, and I know people will be willing to give it.

My friends are going to Astro-turf the deck to make it safer, and put up a rail down the drive. My neighbour has offered me a fireman's lift on icy days and my brother is getting me a decent pocket hand-warmer for when I have to go and defrost the car.

I've gone past hating my RA, and Fibromyalgia. Before I was a whirling dervish, now I am a human. Now I skip the corners when I hoover, and sometimes I shove things in the porch rather than put them away properly *gasp!*

I make time for a hot bath when I can, and I am truthful about my pain. I take the pills in good time, when before I would sit looking at them, determined they would remain unopened. 

I accept that I am always going to get tired easily.

I love my onesie, heated slippers and lavender socks. I look forward to getting the Betterlife  magazine through my door, full of handy gadgets to help the disabled. 

That's me. I'm disabled, but I'm not broken.