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So after a long time of putting it off, on Friday I went to see a physio who specialises in running. To make sure he could see my pains and problems, I did my 6.5K route beforehand. I felt pretty nervous as I drove to meet him. I've never had anyone analyse my running before. It's something I have always done alone. I had no idea what I looked like when I did it, or if I was 'doing it right'. Tom was cool and put me at ease right away. I loved his energy and enthusiasm for what he does. It was great to be able to talk to someone about running without them yawning or looking bored.

So yesterday I completed the Warrior run. 10k of mud, rivers, nets, tunnels, tyres, obstacles, monkey bars and being brave. I can't walk today. There is no part of me not bruised, grazed or aching. My arms are so weak I crashed into the car next to me on nursery pick up. Luckily I only took off a wing-mirror. I bent down to retreive it and could not get back up again.

So a lot of people have been asking me for recipes. I must have made my dinners look delicious with all my fancy iPhone filters... I try and eat an anti-inflammatory diet as it helps control my Rheumatoid Arthritis. This diet would also work for people with Fibromyalgia, allergies, and those wanting to lose weight. It's also a brilliant diet for people who do a lot of exercise, as it's protein heavy and low carb. It's also mostly vegan. Don't know it till you've tried it.